They are an intensity vivid cherry red colour with bluish, violet and purple hues on the rim, with ruby red hints.

Aromatically they display strong primary expressions of ripe fruit and berries such as mulberry, strawberry, and blackberry, typical of Tempranillo grapes.

On the palate they are full flavoured, with tannins complementing a balanced acidity, giving them a lively character and making them the perfect accompaniment for any kind of meal - a delight to savour for all wine lovers and gourmets.


Also known as oaked, or oak-cask wines, their colours develop over time from a bigarreau cherry colour to an intense cherry red.

They have a fine rim of marked violet hues, that still show their youthful characteristics. Within the wide array of intense aromas they exhibit, black fruits dominate, reminders of their noble fruity origins. They also display light and refined toasted notes, from their brief time spent in new oak casks.

They are meaty, structured, and smooth on the palate. With well balanced tannins and a silky touch, they are full flavoured, with a powerful lingering finish.


Our Crianza wines develop aromatically over time, and are deeply coloured, developing from a garnet cherry red to a ruby red.

Aromatically they are intense and elegant, with strong aromas of jammy ripe fruits, with lactic, vanilla, and balsamic hints from their ageing in oak, and their rounding out during their time in the bottle.

On tasting, they are powerful and robust, well balanced, with a long persistent finish, and characteristic aromas from their time spent in oak. Smooth and structured on the palate, they are silky and opulent.


Our Reserva wine are deeply coloured, with a cherry red base, with hues ranging from a garnet red , to a ruby red, with brick red hues around the rim.

Aromatically, they have a wide range of aromas over a jammy fruity base. The tertiary aromas from the ageing period evoke a range of toasted, mineral, leather, musky and game notes. On the palate there are dry fruit flavours, soft oaky notes, spices, coffee and liquorice.

They are firmly structured, with excellent balance bringing out their elegance and lingering flavours. Harmonious and still very much alive, testimony to their ability to age gracefully.


In certain harvests, when weather conditions are optimum for producing really great wines, we make our Vendimia Seleccionada ( Selected Vintage ) wine.

Made from the grapes from our oldest vineyards, this is our flagship wine, which has won many accolades among the great wines of the Ribera del Duero region.

Intensely coloured, with toasted and floral notes, they are extremely flavourful and elegant, with a long lasting finish. These are the gems of the Viña Solorca winery.


After happening a long time in the darkness, quietude and silence of the warehouse, they constitute one of our maximum expressions of quality and pride.

Matured in noble wood they present a colours garnets that support still typical profiles of youth. In nose there appear red fruits, liquorice, leather, vanilla and spices.

In mouth they stand out for his spectacular evolution of the tannins transformed into silky, velvet touches and of great body










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