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Descendants of a pioneer family in the wine sector of the area

In a privileged area for the growth of vine…

Roa de Burgos is where Viña Solorca is located and from where it has been making its wines in the traditional way for decades.

We are a family business, today in the hands of Mr. José Víctor Balbás Arroyo, who is a descendant of one of the most pioneering families in the wine sector in the area.

Their extensive experience together with their human team and the latest technology they have, offer as a result a high quality product that they work with care and dedication in one of the best vineyards in the area.

In our effort to offer excellence, we focus on obtaining the most outstanding products with the best fruits of the earth, respecting the knowledge acquired throughout our history and making use of the most advanced technological resources.

Founded in 1998 and located in the very heart of the Ribera del Duero denomination of origin, Viña Solorca combines tradition and modernity, with the most advanced and pioneering techniques in its own winemaking and production thanks to its great human team specialized in both field work, such as cellar and technical advice.

Our facilities have the most modern and advanced production techniques. With capacity for 700,000 kg. of grapes and a production of some 500,000 bottles of wine.

It has a barrel park of about 3,000 units, approximately, between French, American and Eastern oak, belonging to cooperages that offer the best and most appropriate qualities.

Tradition and Passion
Designing Wines From The Vineyards

Our philosophy is to make a limited production with unlimited care. That is why we are respectful of the land, maintaining a traditional crop, and respectful of the environment. A way of doing things that determines the personality and quality of our wines.


A great terroir is much more complex than one imagines. It is not only the sun, the earth, its natural ability to drain, to retain moisture (limestone, clay), its percentage of different elements that will make the soil warm or cold, rich or poor, balanced or insufficient. It is also their exposure on a hill, on a plateau or in a hollow, which makes these small places exceptional sites. At Viña Solorca wineries, the vineyard is located at different points along the riverbank, at an altitude of 800 to 900 meters above sea level on small hills facing the basins of the Duero and Gromejón rivers, which concentrate the warm summer temperatures, maturity increases and the soil is drained

All these particularities contribute to the style of Viña Solorca wine, resolutely rich, complex and structured, due to the precocity of its terroir; but also elegant, distinguished, pure and very fresh thanks to the Tinta Fina and the perfectly balanced composition (limestone / sand) of its soils.